Funny Girl and Boy Flirt Jokes

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Flirting is not unique, now a days its common and everyone is flirting in some way to other. Girl and boy flirting occur from the beginning of this world. To deceive someone is not considered bad and whether it is a boy or a girl they feel joy and fun in it. But no one knows the circumstances of doing such deeds. But we have some funny and not hurting jokes here that are not to make you sad rather to make you laugh.

Funny Boy Making Girl MUMMY

An EGYPTIAN girl asked a Pakistani boy: What you can do for me?

The boy replied: come behind the PYRAMID. I will make you a MUMMY.

Funny Icecream Romance of Boy and Girl

Girl Demanded for Ice Cream.
Boy Purchased It for her.

Girl: Thank you.

Boy: Just Thank you.
Girl: You Want Kiss Now?
Boy: Oh you hungry of romance, give me half Ice cream.

Funny Girl Love Joke

Boy: I love you.

Girl: I don’t love you I love someone else.

Boy: Became sad and he starts running and said to girl i am going to tell your mom about this.

Girl: Oh! Wait Idiot i love you too.     

Funny Girl Pic Joke

Boy: Wow you look so perfect with incredible body and flower like skin. What did you use?

Girl: Adobe Photoshop!

Fun with Flirt Boy Joke

A Boy texts a girl
Boy: Hey!
Girl: Hi! What you doing?
Boy: Texting the most beautiful girl in the world.
Girl: Awe How cute!
Boy: Yaw! But She is not replying, that's why i am texting you!

Flirting Boy Joke

Boy: I went to your house so I don't think so that i can marry with you.

Girl: Did you meet my father that's why you are saying this.

Boy: No I met your sister that's why. She is so beautiful.

Flirt Girlfriends Joke 

Boy talking to his girlfriend on phone

Boy: Hi dear how are you I am really missing you.

Girl: Why! We have already talked 2 min ago.

Boy: Oh! Sorry wrong number.

Funny Girl Joke

Girl: Which computer do you have?
Boy: I have a computer with intel core i7, processor 3.3 Ghz, windows 7, 64 bit, 8gb ram & nvidia gtx 560 graphics card.

Boy: which computer do YOU have???
Girl: A ' Compac ' company!!

Research on Boys Flirt Joke

Latest Research has been done on boys that

Boys always remain faithful to their girlfriend..!!
Which girlfriend??
That is still a topic of research..!!

Proposing with Fun

A girl loves her boy very much & asked him to marry her:

Boy: No sorry, I am marrying someone else...
Girl: Oh, I wish you very best of luck and stay happy, I will move on.
Boy: No please be my friend, I need you..
Girl: That’s the problem you need me, but you don’t want me. I am sorry i cant be your friend anymore.

Girl and Boy Misunderstanding Joke

Girl: Hi!
Boy: Hi Dear.

Girl: Are you there?
Boy: Yes yes.. I am here .............. (sending failed).

Girl: You are ignoring me?
Boy: Honey i am not.. I am right here ...................... (sending failed).

Girl: It’s over.. I am not going to talk you anymore!
Boy: Go to hell ................... (message sent).

Girl Flirting Joke

A boy and girl went for a walk.

While walking, boy hits his leg to a stone and starts bleeding. He looks at her hoping that she would tear her suite and wrap it around his leg.

She looks in his eyes and says...
“Don't think about it that was a designer suite.!”

Intelligent Boy Joke

Boy: There is no ink in this pen
Girl: Are you blind? there is ink in this pen
Boy: Then write your phone number and Show.

Singing Girl joke

A Girl was singing in a school bus.
Boy: Why did you sing in a radio station?
Girl: Am i singing good?
Boy: NO, we can off the radio.

Flirt Boy Joke

Boy: Can you be be my sun of my life?
Girl: YES, i would love to be!
Boy: Okay then stay 9,955,887.6 miles away from me!

Boy: Can I Take Your Pic?
Girl: Yes why not..!!

Boy Takes A Picture and then 
He Says: Thank You Very Much, I Love To Collect The Images Of Natural Disasters..!!