Funny Persuasive Writing

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       Most things that I learned in my life, I learned from books. Of course people taught me too, but I think more knowledge I picked up from books. Why books are better ( in some cases) , then teachers ? Because
if you did not understand something at the first time, you can read it second
time, third time, fourth time, until you understand it completely. If you still
do not understand it, you can find another book with explanations and
definitions of the tough matter. Some people are not self-confident and it is
not very easy for them to approach a teacher and ask him or her again, same
thing, that he just explained two minutes ago. They do not want to look stupid
in front of other people and it makes them kind of shy.  I consider that books play very important role
in the human’s life and now I will attempt to prove this.

    First of all, how you can imagine human’s life without books? It looks to me very
boring and uninteresting. One French Philosopher said: “People stop thinking,
when they stop reading” (Deny Didro, 1713-1784),
and I am agree with him! Each person, creating the book, tries to share his life
experience, professional skills and philosophy with the future generations.
The writing of the book, for most writers, is not only expression of the knowledge
and outlooks, but also search of adherents to which their outlooks on life
would be similar. Books and people have an essential
mutual effect on each other. Very frequently the nature of man or woman, his or
her world view, the selected profession and vital values are formed under the
effect of the books he or she did read in the past.

    The follower of Aristotle, Italian Philosopher Thomas [Akvinat]; (1225 - 1274), admonishing his
students, said:  “Let the thoughts,
concluded in the books, will be your capital, and the thoughts, which will
arise in you, be an interest you earn on it”. Well-known English poet Joseph
Addison (1672 - 1719) wrote: “The book is the will (heritage), from mind to
humanity, intended to be transferred from generation to generation, for the
benefit of the people, who will be born in the future”. About the same said
great Russian philosopher Alexander  Herzen (1812 - 1870): “The book is spiritual
will of one generation to another, the advice of the dying old man to youth,
who still alive”.

Therefore the history
of the development of humanity and world civilization, before the invention of
the computer and Internet, was transferred from a generation to a generation
predominantly through the books - the chronicles, which were the majority
carriers of historical information after stone figures, cuneiform, papyrus
manuscripts, birch bark certificates etc... In the Modern World, books
develop wide horizon of human thinking. Indeed, this is so interesting to
glance into book and to see the past: battles, kings, knight tournaments,
marches, wars, geographical and scientific research, to learn about the history
of your native land and to get to know culture and religion of other people.
I said above, books develop thinking and fantasy. It is so great sometimes, to
imagine yourself as an Ancient Greek Hero or Scientist, who will discover the
new law of physics, imagine yourself as a pharaoh- the King of Egypt! Reading a
book and using your imagination, we can mentally visit any other countries and
cities, appear in the Catholic temple, Protestant Church
or in the Orthodox Cathedral etc…

      The most important is - books help us to make correct decisions. Sometimes, looking at the heroes of the book, we learn about ourselves or our friends, we learn how people make mistakes and we learn how to
avoid this kind of mistakes. Reading a good book, we become more
competent in the oral and in the written language. Reading books, we supply our
vocabulary by new words and meanings, make a great reserve of knowledge, and
most important- we make ourselves more interesting persons. In
the central bookstore of Seoul - the capital of South Korea, large poster posted on the
wall: “People create books, but good books create good people.” I think that it
could convince you of the fact that books are very valuable things and that
books play very important role in the life of humans, because they teach us,
give us advises. With the aid of the books we become more mature and wisdom.
When we read books, we discover The World, and when we share the knowledge, we
become more interesting for other people.